Lunch Menu

Small Plates + Big Snacks

Tuna Crudo (GF)
achiote aguachile, Fresno chile, avocado, corn chips $13

Heirloom Tomato + Burrata
marinated cucumbers, spring onion pesto, sunower seeds, lemon oil $11

Broccoli + Cheddar Bake
fried shallot, roasted garlic cream, almond relish $10

Cauliflower “Mac”
garden herbs, poached eggs, garlic bread $11

Crispy Fingerling Potato (GF)
crème fraîche, bacon, chive, Parmesan crumble $9

Spanish Goat Cheese
balsamic, confit garlic, tomato, toasted baguette $13


Includes choice of house-cut fries or garden salad. All sandwiches available as a wrap

Nashville Fried Hot Chicken
cabbage slaw, red onion, hot sauce (sub grilled chicken) $14

Smash Burger
caramelized onion, Swiss cheese, b+b pickle, whole grain mustard (lettuce, onion and tomato available upon request) $14

Crispy Seitan + Avocado Wrap
marinated cucumber, herb yogurt, garden sprout, tomato, onion, jalapeño $10

Salmon Bánh Mì
poached salmon, salmon pâté, soy, cilantro, pickled raddish, carrot, kewpie, jalapeño $16

Baja Crab Cake BLT
shredded iceberg, roasted tomato, arugula, lemon aioli, giardiniera $15

BBQ Pulled Pork
Modern Times BBQ sauce, pickled onion, lettuce $14

Turkey Wrap
roasted garlic hummus, sliced olive Niçoise, shredded kale, tomato, onion, feta $13

Pizza Pies

The Garden (V)
roasted squash, corn, cilantro, tomato, marinated onion $11

broccoli, spinach cream, Parmesan, basil, pine nuts $12

Roasted Herb + Tomato
mixed cheese, roasted tomato, oregano $12

Chorizo + Egg
chorizo, tomato, poached egg, queso fresco (sub soyrizo) $13

Cordon Bleu
chicken, ham, Swiss fondue, crunchy garlic $14

Garden Greens

Southwest (GF)
frisée, arugula, roasted pasilla, avocado, pepper jack, hard boiled egg, pickled onion $14

The Chop (GF)
chopped romaine, blue cheese, scallion, candied walnut, balsamic marinated tomato $14

Roasted Beet + Carrot (GF)
arugula, pistachio, toasted farro, mixed citrus, Fresno chile $14

Classic Club
romaine hearts, bacon lardon, tomato, red onion, garlic crouton $14


House-Made Dumplings
basil pesto, roasted corn, blistered tomato, farmer’s cheese (add grilled chicken – 4) $16

Braised Tri-Tip Steak (GF)
house steak sauce, hand-cut fries $17

BBQ’d Shrimp (GF)
cream corn, jalapeño grits, mustard greens, green apple slaw $21


Cherry Handpie
whipped crème fraîche $6

Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich (GF) (V)
coconut cream $6

*Please notify your server if you experience symptoms specific to Celiac disease.
Vegan (V) Gluten Free (GF)



Ginger Gold Rush
rye whiskey, lemon, local honey, ginger root $10

Pineapple-Raspberry Sling
gin, orange liqueur, St. George Raspberry, pineapple, lemon, lime, Regan No. 6 Orange Bitters $12

GREEN Acre Spritz
house verdita, vermouth blanco, lemon, lime, Cava Codorniu $10

Golden Colada
spiced rum, coconut milk, chai tea, orgeat, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper $12

Daytime Negroni
mezcal, vermouth blanco, Aperol $12

Pick Your Poison Margarita
Traditional/Mezcal/Pomegranate/Lavender-Lemon/Jalapeño (for Jalapeño choose your spice level 1-5) $12

Draft Beers

Showcasing the incredible beers of San Diego

Modern Times ‘Ice’ Pilsner
Point Loma, San Diego, CA $7

Green Acre House Blonde
Campus Pointe, San Diego, CA $7

Societe ‘The Harlot’ Belgian
Industrial Park, San Diego, CA $8

Mother Earth ‘Boo Koo IPA’
Vista, CA $7

Thorn Street ‘Relay’ IPA
North Park, San Diego, CA $8


All wines are of a green certification – organic, sustainable or biodynamic


Codorniu ‘Cuvée Classico’ Brut Cava, NV
Penedes, Spain
Glass 5oz $9 | Bottle 25oz $34

White Wine

Haut Marin ‘Fossiles’, 2018 Sauvignon Blanc/Colombard/Manseng
Côtes de Gascogne, France
Glass 5oz $9 | Carafe 13oz $18 | Bottle 25oz $34

Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio, 2018
Alto Adige, Italy
Glass 5oz $10 | Carafe 13oz $21 | Bottle 25oz $40

Marie de Beauregard Chenin Blanc, 2017
Vouvray, Loire, France
Glass 5oz $10 | Carafe 13oz $21 | Bottle 25oz $40

Goldschmidt ‘Singing Tree’ Chardonnay, 2017
Russian River Valley, Sonoma, California
Glass 5oz $11 | Carafe 13oz $21 | Bottle 25oz $44


Armas de Guerra Mencia, 2018
Bierzo, Spain
Glass 5oz $9 | Carafe 13oz $18 | Bottle 25oz $34

Red Wine

Nielsen Pinot Noir, 2018
Santa Barbara County, California
Glass 5oz $10 | Carafe 13oz $21 | Bottle 25oz $42

Giornata Barbera, 2018
Paso Robles, California
Glass 5oz $12 | Carafe 13oz $24 | Bottle 25oz $46

Famille Perrin ‘Vinsobres Les Cornuds’, Grenache Blend, 2017
Rhone Valley, France
Glass 5oz $11 | Carafe 13oz $22 | Bottle 25oz $44

BenMarco, Malbec, 2017
Uco Valley, Argentina
Glass 5oz $10 | Carafe 13oz $21 | Bottle 25oz $40

Los Vascos ‘Grande Reserva’, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016
Colchagua Valley, Chile
Glass 5oz $12 | Carafe 13oz $24 | Bottle 25oz $46

The Local Call

Any call drink can be enjoyed using a local, San Diego distillery for an extra $2
Currently Featuring
Gray Whale, Cutwater, SinShip, and Old Harbor

Bottled Beer + Cider + Kombucha

Juneshine Blood Orange-Mint
North Park, San Diego, CA $10

Anthem Cider
Salem, OR $7

Thorn Street ‘Barrio’ Lager
North Park, San Diego, CA $6

Mother Earth ‘Cali Creamin’’ Ale
Vista, CA $8

Hofbräu München Hefeweizen
Munich, Germany $8

Harland Hazy IPA
One Paseo San Diego, CA $8

Alesmith ‘Luped In’ IPA
Miramar, San Diego, CA $7

Stone ‘FML’ Double IPA
Escondido, CA $9

Modern Times Coffee Stout
Point Loma, San Diego, CA $8


Breakfast Menu

In A Wrap

Ham + Cheese + Egg $9

Soyrizo + Potato + Jalpeño + Egg + Queso $10

Crispy ‘Not’ Pockets

Hammin’ it Up
ham, fontina, egg $10

chorizo, jalapeño, queso fresco, egg $10

The Midwesterner
roasted potato, cheddar, egg $10

On The Fly

Breakfast Burrito
Bacon, cheese, scrambled eggs, pico de Gallo, crispy potato, house salsa $11

plain/everything / cinnamon raisin with cream cheese/jam/ peanut butter/butter $5

House-Made Assorted Pastries Mkt
gluten-free and vegan offerings are available

In A Bowl

Substitute almond milk to make vegan

Green Acre Power Bowl
house-made granola, acai, banana, toasted coconut $11

Berry Bananza (GF)
house-made granola, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, dried raspberries, yogurt $11

The Tropics (GF)
house-made granola, mango, kiwi, acai, toasted almonds, yogurt $11

Protein Style (GF)
house-made granola, banana, peanut butter, local honey, yogurt $11

*Please notify your server if you experience symptoms specific to Celiac disease.
Vegan (V) Gluten Free (GF)



Every espresso shot is a double

Espresso (2 oz)
12oz $3.50

Carajillo (2 oz)
espresso, vanilla, orange zest 12oz $3.75

traditional | lemon-ginger 12oz $3.50 | 16oz $3.50

traditional | lavender | honey-cinnamon 12oz $4.25 | 16oz $4.75

traditional | vanilla-cayenne 12oz $4.25 | 16oz $4.75

white chocolate | Mexico chocolate | premium chocolate 12oz $4.50 | 16oz $5

Non-Espresso Drinks

Chai Tea Latte
vanilla | spiced 12oz $4 | 16oz $4.50

Golden Milk Latte
12oz $4 | 16oz $4.50

Matcha Latte
12oz $4 | 16oz $4.50

Hot Tea
12oz $3.50

Iced Tea
12oz $4 | 16oz $4.50

Cold Brew

Make any Cold Brew drink nitro for $1

Traditional Cold Brew
12oz $4.50 | 16oz $5.50

Cold Brew-Lemonade
12oz $4 | 16oz $5

Coconut-Mint Cold Brew
12oz $5 | 16oz $6

The Great White
cold brew, espresso 12oz $4.50 | 16oz $5.50

Good Morning Vietnam
cold brew, demerara, whipped condensed milk 12oz $4.50 | 16oz $5.50

$1 for milk substitute: oat | soy | almond | coconut, $3 for CBD, $0.50 for honey
$1.50 for organic flavors: lavender | caramel | vanilla | orange | pomegranate | honey-ginger, $1 for extra espresso shot


Locally Brewed

pineapple, hibiscus 12oz $5.50 | 16oz $6.50

Seven Seas
lemongrass, Makrut lime, Thai ginger 12oz $5.50 | 16oz $6.50